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Every building has a purpose, whether it’s to nurture inventions, house masterpieces, cultivate learning or even to host birthday parties. A true high performance Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is one that makes your building work better for life.

Our integrated Equipment & Systems, services enhance business performance, improve quality of life for building occupants and enable owners and operators to meet their business and operational objectives.

Our engineers are committed to continuous improvement across all our product lines. They work tirelessly to increase energy efficiency and performance for all our systems, from light commercial to large applied solutions. It’s our depth of experience that makes our Equipment & Systems the best in the business.

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Scroll and Screw Models

The wide range of models ranging from 20 to 2000 kW in different configurations and technologies. The products are available with gas R410a and R134a, Inverter, Scroll and Screw compressors to meet the specific cooling requirements which enable energy saving.

Heat Pumps

Reversible Heat Pumps

Air cooled liquid chillers and reversible heat pumps, with scroll compressors, axial fans with inverter control (except cooling only version), high performances plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, connectable with Hi-Touch remote controller.

Condensing Units

Reversible Condensing Units

Air cooled condensing unit, reversible condensing unit with axial fans and scroll compressors . They are fitted with internal overheat protection and crankcase heater if needed, installed on rubber shock absorbers. Managing system and microprocessor regulation.


Single & Double Skin Packaged

Recognized worldwide for their reliability and efficiency, Maxa packaged rooftop units are the ideal solution for a wide range of commercial applications. One single unit can provide comfort cooling, heating, supply of an adjustable volume of fresh air, as well as free-cooling

VRF Units

Variable Refrigerant Flow

This range of products is characterized by its high efficiency and energy saving. This began a long history that goes on for over 14 years, subject to continued success thanks to the search in order to achieve high efficiency as well as the improvement of energy saving.

Water Terminals

Hydronic Indoor Units

Our water terminals portfolio, cassette and blower coil solutions are designed to make installations faster and easier, also to maximize HVAC system performance. Using advanced technology, these systems reliably and efficiently deliver the comfort your occupants need.

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