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Rental Chiller - Temporary Cooling

GSD HVAC Rental Chiller Services provide fast, safe and cost-effective solutions using modern and reliable equipment.

Whether it’s extra cooling or heating that is needed during extreme weather conditions or a short-term replacement following an emergency, businesses sometimes require equipment to cool or heat an indoor environment on a temporary basis.

In other words, a temporary system will keep your business operational whilst you repair, replace or upgrade your existing system.

Therefore, we recognize that our customers and their requirements are unique. Our objective is to satisfy them however demanding and challenging they are, whether we are dealing with an emergency, a planned requirement or preparing a business continuity plan.


  • Fast
  • Safe and reliable
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Cost effective
  • Turnkey solutions

Rental Chiller Requirements

  • Additional Capacity
  • Seasonal Cooling
  • Emergencies
  • Planned Equipment Intervention
  • Events and Occasions
  • Contingency Planning

Customers who need temporary cooling or heating can be confident of securing a solution to match their specific needs, whether planned or unexpected.

Rental Chiller Applications

  • All types of HVAC comfort cooling applications
  • Supplemental cooling
  • Emergency response
  • Industrial/specific operating conditions
  • Food processing
  • Ice rinks
  • Process cooling
  • Cold storage/warehousing
  • Refinery and chemical production projects
  • Scheduled outages and turn-around projects
  • Testing requirements

Rental Chiller Hiring Procces

  • Hiring consultation
  • System design consultation
  • Equipment selection
  • Logistics
  • Installation and Start Up
  • Full maintenance

Please contact us for fast, reliable and cost-effective rental solutions to ensure minimum downtime and smooth system transition.

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