Trane Chiller

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Trane Chiller and Rooftop Units Start Up, Repair, Maintenance Services

Trane chiller start up, repair, maintenance and service is something that we take seriously. We are installers and service providers for Trane® centrifugal, helical-rotary screw, scroll chillers and rooftop units.

Quality Trane chiller repair starts with a correct understanding of the type of chiller to be repaired or serviced. This includes air cooled or water cooled chillers. In these categories, there are different compressor types.

Knowing your Trane® chiller type and model number helps to make the service call a better experience for you and your team.

Air Cooled Trane Chiller Repair

Trane® air cooled chillers generally come in sizes from 20 ton to 520 ton capacities. They operate as helical rotary or scroll type chillers. The scroll type compressor is more common and seems to be gaining in new installations each year. Scroll type chillers are offered from 20 ton to 130 ton capacities. Air cooled Trane chiller repair and service begins with diagnosis and listening to the people that use the chiller daily or with greater frequencies. Listening to our customer about specific behavior patterns, helps us to better understand the best course for repairing your air-cooled Trane® chiller. We work hard to restore factory performance with the least amount of costs involved. When it comes to chillers from Trane®, the models offered today include the CGAM, RTAC, RTAF, ACS, ACR and Arctic types . These range in sizes from 20 ton to 230 ton, with the Ascend models including variable-volume ration. These, as with all Trane chillers do require maintenance for optimal performance and reliability. Give us a call to learn more about the maintenance for your particular model and tonnage.