MOD01540 Module; LCI-C-COMM5-LON (LonTalk)

Code: MOD01540

MOD01540 Module; LCI-C-COMM5-LON (LonTalk)

MOD01540 Module; LCI-C-COMM5-LON used on some of the Trane UCP2 controlled R™ Series chiller models.

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Trane MOD01540 Module; LCI-C-COMM5-LON (LonTalk®) (X13651077001)

LonTalk® MOD01540 Module; LCI-C-COMM5-LON details;

  • Trane Chiller Communication Module (COMM5, LonTalk®)
  • Original Trane OEM Components
  • Trane Part Number: MOD01540
  • Model Number: X13651077-001 / X13651077001
  • PCommonly Used on Trane Series R™ Chiller Models.
  • Replaces / Supersedes: MOD-1540, MOD-01540, MOD1540

Chiller documentations for COMM5 Module can be downloaded from below links;

Wiring and Topology Recommendations

Comm5 is Trane’s implementation of LonTalk®. Trane has updated its recommendations for Comm5 wiring and topology. These recommendations are different than originally published Comm5 installation practices. The following information summarizes the wiring and topology recommendations:

  • Use 22 AWG Level 4 unshielded communication wires for most Comm5 installations.
  • Use shielded Level 4 wire for all communication wiring on the VariTrac central control panel (CCP). See “Specifications for Level 4-compliant cables” on page 11.
  • Limit Comm5 links to 4,500 ft and 60 devices maximum (without a repeater).
  • Use the following termination resistors on all links:
  • 105 Ω at each end for Level 4 wire
  • 82 Ω at each end for Trane “purple” wire
  • Use daisy chain topology.
  • Limit zone sensor communication stubs to 8 per link, 50 ft each maximum.
  • Use one repeater for an additional 4,500 ft, 60 devices, and 8 communication stubs.

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