SWT03250 Mini Pressure Switch

Code: SWT03250
Trane SWT03250 Mini Pressure Switch (HP)

Mini Presure Switch HP SWT03250 details;

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Trane SWT03250 Mini Pressure Switch (HP)

Mini Presure Switch HP SWT03250 details;

  • Trane Chiller Mini Pressure Switch, High Pressure 44.5 NC 35. Bar, Manuel Reset
  • Maximum Pressure: 44.5 Bar
  • Connection: 1/4″
  • Refrigerant: R134A/R410A
  • Model Number: 061F9257
  • Trane Part Number: SWT03250
  • Commonly Used on Trane Scroll Chiller Models
  • Replaces / Supersedes: SWT-3250, SWT-3250

Trane Chiller documentation for Mini Pressure Switch (HP) can be downloaded from below links;

A High Pressure Switch (HPS) and a low pressure switch (LPS) are protective devices for the compressor and refrigeration circuit. The high pressure switch monitors the system for an inoperative outdoor motor, and/or a dirty/restricted condenser (outdoor) coil. The low pressure switch monitors the refrigeration system for a loss of refrigerant charge, and may also be helpful in stopping the evaporator (indoor) coil from freezing up due to a dirty filter or low airflow over the coil. I say “may” because the low pressure switch cut-out setting could be set too low (15-20 lbs.) to be of any help. An evaporator coil could start to form ice at 30 lbs. low pressure charge.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm
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Ünite Modelleri

AquaStream 3G™, Sintesis™ Advantage

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Hight Pressure Switch, Pressure Controls


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