VAL07494 Service Valve

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Trane VAL07494 Valve; Service (X390009370010E)

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Trane VAL07494 Valve; Service (X390009370010E)

Trane Service Valve VAL07494 details;

  • Trane Chiller Service Valve; 1.125-12 x .38 x .75
  • Original Trane OEM Components
  • Trane Part Number: VAL07494
  • Model Number: X390009370010E / X390009370-010
  • Oring Part No: RNG01764
  • Commonly Used on Trane RTAC, RTHD, RTWD ve RTUD Screw Chiller Models
  • Replaces / Supersedes: VAL0-7494, VAL7494, VAL19451

Chiller documentation for Service Valve can be downloaded from below links;

Service valves can be set to three different positions:

Front seated position The valve stem is turned fully clockwise to effectively stop the flow of refrigerant vapour from the suction line union on the low pressure side of the compressor and to the discharge line union on the high pressure side of the compressor.

Back seated position The valve stem is turned fully counter-clockwise to stop the flow of refrigerant vapour to the gauge port of the service valve.

Midway position The valve stem is turned either clockwise or counter- clockwise to leave the valve unseated. Thus refrigerant vapour can flow from the suction line and also to the discharge line and at the same time pass through the gauge port, to the gauge hose and to the relevant pressure gauge.

The liquid shut-off valve may be located at the outlet of the receiver. It is a single seating valve, i.e. it is either open or closed. On systems which do not have a receiver the valve design will be similar to that of a suction or discharge service valve and will have a gauge connection. When closed or fully front seated, this valve will stop the flow of liquid refrigerant from the condenser or receiver to the expansion device.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 7 cm
Unit Brand


Ünite Modelleri

RTHD Evo Series R™

Product Group

Service Valve, Valve


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