Cleaners & Treatments

One topic that has generated both substantial interest and concern is the use of chemicals, cleaners, sealants and coatings on HVAC systems. Currently a broad diversity of information exists. That is regarding the use and efficacy of these chemical products. In working with all parties associated with indoor air quality, GSD HVAC recognizes the need to provide direction in this complicated and evolving area.

Source removal using cleaners is defined as the physical removal of contaminants and debris from internal HVAC system surfaces. Complete HVAC system cleaning removes the contaminants. That may contribute to mold and other microbiological growth. Cleaning can also reduce household dust, increase energy efficiency, increase equipment life expectancy, and improve overall indoor air quality and comfort.

It is not necessary to apply cleaners and chemical products to achieve source removal within an HVAC system. However, applying appropriate cleaning compounds may enhance the cleaning process (e.g., coils, hard surfaces, blowers).

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