Controls Interface

controls interface, or simply interface or control panel. That was a means by which a person operating a particular piece of equipment. Also could instruct the device or system as to what they desired. Furthermore, the item being controlled could respond accordingly. It was possible to combine elements of one or more of each type within an overall control system structure. As alternative means of accessing the controls.

There are two major types of controls interface available to most HVAC equipment: physical and touch sensitive.

A physical control interface utilized physical buttons, switches, dials, and levers for data input purposes, and relied on physical indicators such as gauges, status lights, and visual screens/monitors for response purposes.

Touch-sensitive interfaces typically consisted of featureless panels with no physical instruments to manipulate at all. The entire surface could be controlled by computer to display a layout of marked areas which served the same function when the surface detected contact from the user.

Each chiller is equipped with the controls interface. Control Panels has the capability to display additional information to the advanced operator including the ability to adjust settings. Multiple screens are available and text is presented in multiple languages as factory ordered or can be easily downloaded online.

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