GKT0307E Microchannel Coil Connection Gasket

Code: GKT0307E
MCHE Condenser Coil Connection Gasket

Microchannel Condenser technology is a completely new condenser design for air cooled units. The entire coil has aluminum condenser construction.

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Trane GKT0307E Microchannel Coil Connection Gasket

  • Trane Chiller Microchannel Condenser Coil Connection Gasket
  • Original Trane OEM Components
  • Trane Part Number: GKT0307E
  • Microchannel Coil Part No: COI1684E, COI1685E, COI1943E, COI1944E
  • Commonly Used on Trane Sintesis™ Advantage, Sintesis™ Balance, Sintesis™ Excellent, Sintesis™ Prime, York and Carrier Chiller Models
  • Replaces / Supersedes: GKT307E, GKT-307E
Microchannel Construction

The fully-brazed construction of a microchannel coil increases the coil rigidity making them more rugged to withstand the rigors of job site handling and damage due to shipping. The microchannel coil’s headers, tubes and fins are assembled and then sprayed with a powder flux bonding agent. The coil is then sent through a large controlled air automated brazing furnace that completely joins these separate pieces as one solid microchannel coil. This process alone substantially decreases the chances of leaks due to improper brazing techniques.

Refrigerant flows thorough the header assembly into multiple flat refrigerant filled tubes. Within each tube are ports that serve as paths for the refrigerant to flow through the microchannel coil. The bottom and top tubes of each coil section are always inactive refrigerant paths. This is done to prevent refrigerant leaks due to corrosion that may be present from moisture resting between the top or bottom tube and the gasket material (GKT0307E) and also serve as a buffer during the installation and removal of the coil section. Each fin surface is angled and louvered to create air turbulence through the coil which provides more efficient and enhanced heat transfer without additional air pressure drop through the coil.

Coil Replacement

Coil replacement procedures can vastly change depending on the unit type. Below are some guidelines to follow when replacing microchannel coils.

  • Coils are considerably lighter than traditional tube and fin coils. This means two men should be able to remove coil from the unit without any problems. However for easier removal, lifting lugs are built onto the coil.
  • Only the damaged microchannel section or slab needs to be replaced.
  • Inspect gasketting material attached to support frame and replace if necessary.
  • Carefully remove the replacement microchannel coil from its shipping container. Visually inspect the coil for any damage.

Documentation download links for the Microchannel Coil Connection Gasket and for the Trane Chillers Models;

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Balance™, Flex II, RTAE Stealth™, Sintesis™ Advantage, Sintesis™ Balance, Sintesis™ Excellent, Sintesis™ Prime

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Microchannel Condenser Coil, Repair Kit


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